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Greetings Gourmands!

I’d like to start by thanking you for your interest in the Chef P-Dubbz Catering experience and introducing myself to you as your new personal chef. My name is Preston but I’m more commonly known in the Dallas food community as “Chef P-Dubbz”. I'm originally from Omaha, Nebraska & have been in Texas since 2005. I like to consider myself an artist who chooses food as a medium. I grew up stirring the pot. In my family, food wasn’t just about savoring but surviving. My mother introduced the ability to make a meal for myself as a man as a priority and as my life would lead me on a whirlwind journey, the principles of food, flavor, and family would be the anchor that kept me centered. Fast forward through years of corporate cooking experience and the dream to start my own catering business and you’ll land in 2018 with the birth of P-Dubbz Catering, doing what I love for people who love what I can do. Ultimately my dream goal is to take my food dreams on the road and open a food truck and every customer helps me get closer to that vision. I hope soon we have the opportunity to feed each other both literally and metaphorically soon. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get busy in the kitchen and start whipping up food that tastes like home.

Preston “P-Dubbz” W.

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